Exploring the Sexuality-Catholicism Connection

The Sexual Catholic is a podcast about connecting concepts from the field of sexuality with Catholicism in sex-positive ways. Hosted by Dr. Mark Levand, a certified sexuality educator, researcher, and scholar of Catholic sexual theology, this podcast is a look into the many ways sexuality and Catholicism intersect, aiming to help people join these two realities to become more sexually healthy adults.

This podcast began because adults often lack adequate sexuality information. At times, this lack comes from harmful or even violent Catholic theology that prevents people from learning about themselves and others in a sexually healthy way. Each episode will be about a different aspect of sexuality and sexual health, and the Catholic theology that supports them.

The Sexual Catholic was created to address the disconnect between Catholic theology and sexual health. For many people, Catholic teaching (or the way it has been interpreted) has led to feelings of guilt and shame around sexuality, causing emotional and at times physical harm. This podcast is meant to serve as a resource for those looking to better understand ways their Catholic faith can support positive, inclusive sexual health.

Our mission is to provide a space for open and honest conversations about sexual health in the context of Catholic theology. We believe that by doing so, we can address some of the harmful messages many have been told and provide a resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of their faith and sexuality.

Join us as we explore the intersection of Catholic theology and sexual health through a sex-positive lens. Join us for discussions about sexuality from a Catholic lens you may not have heard before as we work toward creating a more inclusive and understanding Catholic community.

If you’d like to share thoughts or ideas for future episodes, please visit the contact page.

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